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The Dark World of Gandalf
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30th-Dec-2009 12:39 pm - Avatar the Film
I saw Avatar yesterday. After watching a doc on tv about the film and how the whole film has been shot in 3D and not just a few little bits here and there I thought it would be worth seeing it in 3D.

(NOTE : 3D glasses at Cineworld are NOT free any more. So if you have old ones take them with you. 80p a pair)

So what did I think about the film. Well in short I was totally amazed. This film truly shows what the technology can now do. It was Gob smacking good. James Cameron has done it again and truly pushed the bounds of what can be done.

In the Doc I watched, the actors talked about how they have almost had to re-learn how to act for the new 3D cameras and it really showed. The story its self is a little fluffy and a touch predictable but dont let that put you off it is still a very good film.

If you were half thinking about seeing it, then make sure you DO see it. Also it is well worth the little extra to see it in 3D. This film truly is the new benchmark for 3D and CGI film making.
17th-Sep-2009 09:49 pm - NEW Web Address
Just a quick message for all the vampy people out there.

The Cambridge Forum has launched its new web address. Please change your bookmarks and pass the word please.

The link to the site is now

7th-Sep-2009 09:50 pm - Film News
What ever you are expecting you will be wrong.

District 9.

It is very very different to anything I have seen before. It is very different but very very good.

You will be confused, engaged, sad & morally torn. It is a very gripping film and very well worth seeing.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
9th-Aug-2009 08:54 pm - Time for a clear out.
Hi all.

Warning Computer geek post ahead :)

Ok I am having a big clear out because my room has become a bit of a PC grave yard. I have been looking round and I know no chartary will touch what I have and to be honest I cant be arsed to put all this up on e-bay so here is the thing.

I have 6 (yes SIX) old PCs ranging from P1's up to Athalon 64s. and I am talking Chip fan and motherboard  in most cases. I also have boxes of components. I have old types of ram and HDDs from the very small to couple of gigs. Sound blaster cards from SB16 ISA cards up. Network cards, Vid and Graphic cards and even USB cards. I even have 2 CRT Montors 19" + 15", a couple of sets of speakers as well as a dial up modem or 2.  If that is not enough I have OS's from a floppy disc version of Win3.11 + Dos 6.2 all the way up to ME.

In short I have crap loads of stuff. To the very best of my knowledge everything works and I proberly have driver disks and manurals.

Over the next couple of weeks and I do meen 2or3 I am going to have a massive clear out. SO anyone want any of this?

I am offering to any one here first then I am going to make a similar post on the Yahoo group Freecycle.

This is going to be a one time post and the stuff I dont shift will be going to the dump so shout now if you want anything and I will hunt through stuff for you as I sort out.
5th-Jul-2009 02:47 pm - Torchwood Returns
Just a quick post to those among you who like Doctor Who and Torchwood.

The new 5 part mini series of Torchwood starts Monday evening and runs each night this week on BB1 and BBC Three.

19th-Jun-2009 09:10 pm - Evil has a new face
Ok I would like you to try a little test. Can you say out loud the words "For The Overlord" with out a doing it in a silly squeeky voice?

Yes? In that case then the next bit proberly wont be of interest to you.  For the rest. The Minions are BACK.. YAH!!

I have just finished the demo  and its great. If your interested.

In other news. I saw Transformers tonight and it is very good. If you saw the first on then you will know it was quite hard to watch. Camara too close to the action. Not enough transforming and alot of the time you couldnt really see the robots very well.

Well for 90% of the new film they have really worked hard to fix these problems. It is alot more watchable and you really can see what your looking at. It is along film and even I started fidgeting a littlle having said that when the DVD come out I hope there is a bit of an extended ending. A good film and alot more enjoyable to watch this time.

It is not as good a Terminator Salavation ((FANTASTIC FILM)) but Tansformers is worth seeing if you have already seen Termintator.

18th-Jun-2009 12:09 am - Voices from the past.
Hi all.

Yes its still lives. Im still about. Alot has been going on in recent months. I have started making some big changes in my life. I was seeing someone for a couple of months, though I am sorry to say it didnt work out for us. But it has done me alot of good and helped me to start to look at life in a different light.

So in short Im still alive.

I am now going to steal an idea from ebb . I few months back I changed my phone to a Blackberry. I think I may of posted about it. Well anyway I have been using Google Calender for months as it syncs with my BB and my Ipod but I never posted up here about it.

So if you use Google Calendar and want to add mine my address is   gandalftblack@googlemail.com   I DONT use this as an e-mail address so DONT mail me using this address.

It is set up that anyone can see when im busy or free but if you let me know and I we add you to my "Share with specific people" list and then you can see details and why im busy.

Hope to see people again soon.
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